Install Day

Customers often ask about the artificial turf installation process, so we've put together a basic overview. There are over 48 steps, but we're keeping it simple by showing only the major points.  To those unfamiliar with this process, we cannot stress this point enough.  The base is the most important aspect when it comes to a long-lasting, professional artificial turf installation.  This is precisely why we install a double base system.   You can definitely save money with a contractor that uses a single base but in a couple of years of heavy Houston rains you will not be happy with the results.  Furthermore, we are so confident in our base construction we provide a 3-year warranty on all our installs.


TEAR OUT- We remove grass and soil down to 3"


Poly Board Edging - to hold in our double base material

Our Double Base System -
Install fabric, limestone gravel and compact

Second Layer of Double Base System -
Decomposed Granite and compact

Laying, Cutting and Fitting Turf

Power Brooming Sand Infill

Completed Turf Install